Saturday, 7 January 2012

Getting Things Going

Well, we at last spent some quality time on the project over the Christmas break.

After being badly let down by Devon Rim Company who very clearly didn't want to do the job, and wasted 3-4 weeks of our time I called an old friend who made some rims for me about 10 years ago... Steve Lomas at Five-One Wheels.

Steve was happy to hear from me and very enthusiastic about our project. He is very keen on Flattrack bikes and quite involved in the Shorttrack scene. He knew exactly what we wanted as soon as I asked and instead of facing an uphill struggle as we did with Devon Rims, Steve was immediately able to lay his hands on a 3x19 front rim and a 3.5x19 rear rim.

So, with this in place I cut the hubs out of the bent Sport Classic wheels and sent them off for chemical dipping prior to being painted and sent to Steve. Hopefully Five-One would receive the hubs mid-January.

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