Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Starting the fuel tank

At the end of last week we took the bike over to Shamfa's garage. Shamfa is going to make the fuel tank for us. At the same time the seat unit and bars arrived from Five-One Wheels so we were able to offer them up and start to see how the finished bike will appear.

It's still difficult to see the finished thing without having the 19" wheels. The hubs should be going off to Five-One today and hopefully we'll get the finished wheels back some time around the end of January / early February.

We cut the seat unit to shorten it (we had ordered a long one to allow us to do just this) but it is still quite wide for the Ducati frame so a little fibre glass work will be needed to narrow it. The edge lines also need altering.

We marked out a horizontal line from underneath the back of the seat unit to the headstock. This straight line is important to obtain a true Flattrack look.

Removing the old fuel tank made a huge difference, allowing us to see the bare frame. The new fuel tank will be much smaller and slimmer. I've got some styrofoam in my garage and a spare frame from Luoigi and I've now got to find time to carve some mock-up tanks until I'm happy with the shape and then take them over to Shamfa who will have a go at making the real thing.

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